I have an experience in civil and water engineering for more than 30 years. My experience is extended to three fields that are: academic, consultations and research. In academic experience I have taught several courses in civil and environmental engineering such as water resources, hydrology, structure analysis, basic civil engineering's courses, environmental engineering, environmental impact assessment and pollution control. Also, I have been supervising Ph.D. and M.Sc. student in addition to undergraduate graduation projects. My research experience was in different major fields that are hydraulic structure, water resources, hydrology, climate change, water management and environment. In consultations I have a wide experience in designing the storm water management system, river mechanics, groundwater monitoring, weather monitoring, desalination plants, water distribution networks, sewage networks, wastewater treatment plants, design of bridges, high-rise towers and remolding of structures. I have some books' chapters and 50 papers that are published in international journals, local journals and conferences. I have worked and visited many countries either for work or training such as USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and Tanzania.