Publications Of 2004 - 2005

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Monitoring and evaluation of Burullus and Baltim sea resort protection works & environmental impact "A.M.S.E. Journal, Tassin, France, has been accepted 10 July 2004.

The proposed protection for the international road atBurullus lee area against the coastal erosion. "AMSE molding Jour. 2004, Vol.65 No; 5 pages 41-58.

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An empirical equation for predication of long shore current at Rosetta promontory of th5.e Nile Delta " first Ain shams university international conference on environmental engineering April 9-11 200


  • Current Characteristics at El-Hamrawin harbor, Red Sea. Progress Report No.1
  • Study the problem of Sacrifice area bank President Kitchener (August 2006).
  • Bottom topography and sediment characteristics of the area of El Arish (February 2007)
  • Sea waves and current characteristics at west and east side of loading arms , ELNG port- IDKU site. Progress Report No 1 and 2.
  • Current characteristics at El- Hamrawin harbor Red Sea, Progress Report No,