Bio data of :Dr. Moheb Mina

Education and other qualification:

1988-1993: BSc. In civil engineer Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University Egypt
1995-2000: MSc. In coastal engineer Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University.
2000-2005: PhD In coastal engineer Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University.
- Port Planning and Infrastructure Design course, Netherlands, 2015.
- Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Netherlands, 2013.
- Climate Change- Mitigation and Adaptation, Sweden, 2010-2011.
- Ocean Observation and Hydrographic Survey, Korea, 2009.
- In addition, more than 20 internal training courses in related field.
Over 20 years of research experience on coastal engineering, coastal physical and numerical modeling, beach morphodynamics, wave propagation modeling, Environmental impact assessment in coastal zone, effect of the climate changes on the coastal zone and integrated coastal zone management. He has published more than 20 papers in scientific journals, more than 31 conference papers on these subjects and 3 book chapters. He is reviewer of several national and international scientific journals. Also, he Modified 2D numerical model (ImSedTran-2D model) for wave distribution and coastal sediment transport with a special module for coral reef. In addition, he developed a simple and low cost system for the hydrographic survey.
Member of: the Arab Water Council & World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER) & Egyptian Engineers Syndicate (Alexandria, Egypt).