Research Stations: CoRI has two main research stations and two local stations as follows:

Abu Qir Main Research Station:

The station establish dates back to 1973. The station is considered as one of two main stations for CoRI. It includes a marine sedimentology lab, water and marine pollution lab, physical oceanography lab, a computer lab, Physical wave model simulator, as well as administrative units for warehouses and a garage. The station hosts Hydrodynamic, Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology Departments and Lakes Study Unit.

Ras El-Bar Main Research Station:

Similar to Abu Qir station, establish dates back to 1973. The station is a host for Ras El-Bar’s field work team. However, It includes a laboratory for marine sediments in addition to the separate administrative units of the warehouses.

Rashid Research Station:

The station is located at the entrance of navigation channel of Rosetta (Rashid) Estuary. Establishment of the station is back to the eighties of the last century, which host Rosetta fieldwork. In 2005, The station has a new building, which includes places for equipment storage and monitoring devices including land subsidence measuring devices and sea level rise instrument using radio waves and meteorological station as well as equipment for monitoring and analysis of seabed and shoreline changes.

El-Burullus Research Station:

The station located in the city of Burg El-Burullus and was established in the nineties of the last century to be the headquarter of a field team specialized in the collection of field data for that area and now includes automatic stations to measure tide and meteorology.

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